Does ram matter much for gaming?

I need ram. I play games. I will not overclock anything.

I chose cheap parts for my computer that I can buy from one store (and save from shipping).

CPU Ivy Bridge i7-3770K
MOB MSI Z68A-GD80 (G3)
GPU some new radeon that comes out soon. Most likely two in crossfire.
SSD ???
HDD ???

Does it really matter what ram I get as long as I use my brain? I was thinking of this:
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  1. It doesn't matter too terribly much as long as you hit somewhere around 1600CL9. These are cheaper and better than the ones you linked:
  2. There is nothing wrong in going for a value series RAMs for your PC. RAM speed doesn't matter much for gaming at higher resolutions and high graphics settings where GPU will always get bottlenecked. Just run that Corsair Value series RAM at duel channel mode and you would be fine.
  3. As long as your ram is 1600mhz for gaming you're fine. cl9/11 etc don't really matter unless you're running an APU.
  4. Even if you have 1333mhz, it wouldn't hurt much because your GPU will have its dedicated memory bro.
  5. ram speeds have a 2 - 5 fps difference for gaming, capacity is more important just get at least 8GB for your system and a 64bit version of windows.
  6. From what I understand anything over 1600mhz doesn't really make a difference for gaming? Or am I off base with that?
  7. Yes, ValueRAM is kindly going of the radar as most desire advanced timings memory. But there isn't a lot of difference between these two. So if you have a decent cooler in your PC then there is no reason you have to think twice about going with ValueRAM.

    If you need other brands (valueRAM) then try the following -

    Cheers, mate!!
  8. In the shop I'm going to buy, my choice costs 75.00 € while is 82.00 €. Not much difference. So, thanks to the replies I believe there will not be any real difference in performance.

    I'm not overclocking, however, during summers I have had overheating problems, even with a 100+ € case with multiple fans + "good" cpu fan. I don't know if ram can realistically overheat. Based on that, should I go for the slightly more expensive ram? Is there any point in doing that? The computer will cost about 2000 € can run everything at 1980*1080.
  9. ignore this, for some reason this got put here from another post.
  10. Best answer
    I'd suggest min of 1600/9 1.5 (don't go with 1.65 sticks, especially at 1600 ---- 1.65 is good for 2133 and up sticks) and pref 1866 either CL8 or 9
  11. i personally have 16 Gb of ram that i got on new egg for aroung $140 for your setup i would use 16 Gb
  12. 8GB is sufficient for gaming and most folks, other's may need 16 and a few of us push up towards 32GB and more, all depends on the user and his/her needs
  13. Tradesman1 said:
    8GB is sufficient for gaming and most folks, other's may need 16 and a few of us push up towards 32GB and more, all depends on the user and his/her needs

    Good point because i use auto cad and sony vegas and program games for school.
  14. AMDfinity

    You may be a good candidate for 32GB and maybe a RAMDisk ;) I use AC on occasion and run some AC based GIS programs, the more DRAM the merrier ;)
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