Upgrading to i3-2120 Sandy Bridge Worth it?

Does upgrading to Intel Core i3-2120 Sandy Bridge from Intel Pentium G2010 Ivy Bridge worth it? I have 8GB of ram 1866mhz and yes the ram clockdowns, and will be paring it with my GTX 650 Ti OC Ed.

Im planning to open more tabs in a browser, multi task, autocad, photshops, office, and play games like GTA IV, NBA 2K13, Dota 2, Hitman Absolution, DiRT 3 and Sleeping Dogs

2nd Option: From Intel Pentium G2010 SB to Intel Core i3-3220 IB

Will it be worth upgrading?
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  1. Updated with my second option, i3-3220
  2. I would go a minimum of a 3220 if you upgrade. try out your currant CPU before spending money. You may be happy with the gaming performance that it offers.
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    If your budget is tight and you already have a good intel board I would go for the i3 3220 if you can. It will be sufficient for 'most' current games. But there are already some coming out that can use 4-6 cores. So you may want to start saving now for a bigger upgrade in 12 months or so.
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