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HELP!! I have a HP Pavillion with Hauppage WIN TV 723x TV tuner installed. I can receive tv channells via antenna to coaxial..tuner also has s-video and Rca audio inputs. I want to transfer vhs movies via vcr to I still need a video capture device to do this ? Would this be done through Windows Media center?..I am lost please helpt. Thanks to all !!!
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  1. If you connect with COAXIAL from the VCR to the computer. You should be able to set it on channel 3 or 4 depending in the VCR and setup a manual recording in media center.

    The alternative to that would be third party software or even Hauppauge's own WinTV software to record from the other inputs on the card.
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    Wow this takes me back...but this should help...

    Get a cheap ATI x850 PRO off e-bay. They came in AGP and PCI models. These had VIVO with S-Video AND coax in/out and worked great as an inexpensive capture card for old VHS VCR tapes.

    Remember to clean the heads before you play the tape for capture. And a battery backup/UPS for both the VCR and PC is a good idea.
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