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So, I copied a long list of addresses, phone numbers, etc into an excel spreadsheet. I stuck it on tab 3 because I figured I could somehow link the info I wanted to keep on tab 1, and in the format I desired. So far no luck.

Here is an example of how it is formatted currently-

Calvary Chapel Ellensburg 1.9 miles

840 Cowboy Lane
Ellensburg, Washington 98926

Phone: 509-925-1651

Visit Website
Get Directions

Now, if I could have my perfect world, I would be able to have the needed information copy into a mailing label template. The above same is repeated with different addresses in one vertical column a few hundred times. The pattern is consistent, i.e. the amount of spaces from one name to the next is always the same. Copying it into a mailing label template would be great, even better (though I doubt it is possible) would be if the distance ("1.9 miles") could be deleted from the name and if the words "email:" could be deleted from each email. I don't know if excel can do that, but I know if does a lot more than I know about. I mainly use it for financial tables and formulas, so this formatting of info is not familiar to me.

Hope there is an answer, thanks for the help.
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    And to remove the "email:"

    (assuming the email address is in cell A7)
    =MID(A7, 7, 100) returns ""

    As far as removing "1.9 miles"
    Grab all those values. Split into "Text to columns", splitting on the Space.
    You can then remove the last two 'columns'...being Mile number and Miles text. Concatenate the remaining back into one field.
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