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Tonight after a hard days work I am having a few friends come over to my house and do some LAN on Arma2 I just recently built my own computer and am very proud of how I have set it up connected to two monitors and my hdpvr and the works. so you can imagine the wires around my desk being a little excessive. My main goal is to not more this pc from my room. But when I have people come over they will be in my dining room area to setup their rigs.

so here is my question. nobody has a problem using mics and most prefer it so they can hear through their headsets. but not being on the internet hinders my ability to use communication that we normally use online. is there any software we can download beforehand that will allow communication strictly over lan?

I hope i covered everything thanks guys!
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  1. Teamspeak should work on a local network as well.
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    just download teamspeak and the teamspeak server software and you can connect to it using any device on the network.

    just host the teamspeak server on one of your pc's and have everyone connect to it.
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