Suitable graphics card for Pentium 4?

Any suitable graphics card for Pentium 4 2.40 ghz 512 RAM?, Just any cheapest and fine enough to fix my computer's HD video problems.
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  1. What kind of slot do you have for the video card on your motherboard? Probably AGP I guess?

    But I agree with others, Pentium-4 is probably too weak to play HD videos without problems anyways, so adding a video card might not solve your issues.
  2. BigMack70 said:
    For reference, a while back I had a rig with a P4 3.6 GHz and an 8800 GTS 320. The CPU was too weak to watch 1080p video. It could do 720p, but not 1080.

    I agree with you, I remember having a AMD Athlon-XP 2100+ and it was similar to Pentium-4 in term of performance, and I couldn't play full HD videos back in the days, that was big argument for me to get a new PC lol!
  3. Spend $100-150 for a used dual-core computer. With a slower P4 and only 512MB of ram a video card won't help you play HD video.
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    avilash98 said:
    After such spanking, there is a high risk that the OP will report us all!!..LoL...

    Spanking? Lol! Nah, all replies were very polite. It's just that everyone comes to the realization that it's time for him to get a new PC. I wouldn't advise putting money into such an old computer, it will be hard to find parts and they will cost more.

    hang-the-9 made a very good suggestion, if he's on a tight budget, he could spend 150$-200$ and get a used PC with a dual-core CPU plus 2 GB of RAM and it will outperform his P4 and at least be able to play HD content.

    Or if he has more money he could get a brand new entry-level PC for around 500$.
  5. Yeah if u r in the US check craigslist. There are some really good items on there for reasonable prices.
  6. I think maybe you should replace the system. Relegate it to a backup or server or give it away or something.

    A pentium 4 is just too weak for most modern use.
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