What should i get next gpu, more ram,or cpu cooler?

hello all just built a new gaming rig. specs are
CPU: I5-4430(haswell)
MOBO: H87M-G43
RAM: 4gb ddr3 (2 dims used)
GPU: msi hd 7750
PSU: 400w cooler master
HD: 2tb WD green
Im looking to upgrade the rig even more i have about $170. what do yall think would be best preformance wise.
16 gb of ram
geforce gtx 650 ti boost (2gb of ddr5)
or a cpu cooler.
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    I would suggest that you consider the upgrades, in this order: GPU+PSU, 8GB of memory, aftermarket CPU heatsink.

    As long as you don't OC the CPU, the stock heatsink will be fine. To step up your GPU, you shuld consider a stronger PSU as well. 8GB will more than meet the needs of most users.

    Good luck!
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