1 year used HIS HD 5870 TURBO or New HD 7770

So I'm building a computer similar to this one: YouTube
Everything should be the same but Im going to get a 500W Corsair power supply instead, motherboard might differ a bit as well as the case but shouldn't interfere with the GPU.
So I'm deciding between a used HD 5870 and a new HD 7770
The guy Im getting the used card from has high rep and shouldn't be a problem.
He's saying the card runs at 40c Idle and max on 70c, card ships alone with no box and the warranty has expired.
Here's the post thread to see the pics, It's in Arabic though: ADSLgate

The price for both cards is exactly the same; about 500 SAR or 130$.

Mainly going to be a gaming PC, Res is 1080p or slightly lower, maybe
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    5870 is slightly better but will likely be louder. You also have to remember that it's actually a card from 3 years ago. And have been off the market for a while now. Not only that but no warranty sucks for an already old card.

    I'd stick with the 7770
  2. What about a GTX 560 TI Twin Frozer? I might also buy that used, or should I just buy a brand new card?
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