What gaming mouse is best for left handed people?

Hi, so I have been looking around for gaming mice, and I really can't find anything. I'm surprised that most companies don't do left handed mice. At the moment, i have the razer deathadder left handed edition, and it sucks. It's not comfortable, and it hurts my last 2 fingers when I game. So there goes $60 bucks wasted.

Is there a mouse that can really comfortable for my hand, and has really good quality build? I really don't have a budget on a mouse, I just want to have a good gaming experience, and being comfortable while I game.
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  1. look at the steelseries kana and sensei, both are ambidextrous and great mice
  2. Not much to be surprised about with companies not making left handed mice, left handed people are only 10% of the population, and growing up using computers for the 20 years, I never had a left handed option and used my right hand, and now 20 years later, using a lefty mouse would be hard. Out of the 10% of lefties, I would say probably only 1-2% have to use a left handed mouse, and the other use a right handed mouse, so it's not a big market.
  3. Razer Deathadder left handed edition, or one of the ambidextrous mice, Steelseries Sensei, Razer Abbysus, (but this is decidedly low rent), or the Razer Taipan. A Corsair M65 although righthanded may be an option with a claw grip. I tried that one and found the sniper button to be accessible with the ring finger and useable, but as the body slopes left to right, a palm grip may be uncomfortable, as it is biased for right handers. If you can try a mouse do so before committing., find the mouse that is right for you. The ambidextrous designs are pretty much OK either way.

    I am ambidextrous, but have always used a mouse lefthanded, as do my kids, one is lefthanded the other righthanded, but we all use a mouse with our lest hand.
    My old faithful Copperhead has died, so i am looking for a mouse I am waiting to see if Razer bring out a left hand edition of their updated Deathadder, but might go for a Steelseries Sensei Raw, but as I use Steam on Linux, it may be an issue.
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    I have a Roccat Kova+ and I can't recommend it more, it's an ambidextrous mouse, but it really does miracle and is perfect for the lefty I am.
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