FX-8350 (oc'ed4.5Ghz) temp 36C idle and 58C full load too high?

I have my 8350 oc'ed to 4.5 and i'm getting 57C reading in Asus AI II suite software under full load. I'm guessing it's the socket temp rather than core temp. I used artic silver 5 paste and cooling it with kraken x60 in push and pull configuration. This is my build and first time OC'ing CPU so I don't know those numbers are normal or too hot. :( can anyone help me with these numbers?
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  1. Thats good temps there no worries till ur temp is under 65c

    That temps are good for 4.5 all thanks to silver 5 and x60

    Hope this helped
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    They are very good temperatures, way under the TJ Max. There is nothing to worry about. My overclocked FX6300 is around 36 idle and 46 full load.
  3. Temps good at load, so a nice overclock.
  4. mine is at 4.5 with stock voltage, generally these chips can go pretty high with just stock voltage. I would suggest turning everything to stock and increasing the multiplier by .5 and run prime95 if it doesn't crash after 10 or 20 minutes its its ok to up it another.5 if you blue screen then back it down a notch, or if you temps are good start increasing the multiplier and the voltage and try to get it stable. once you are satisfied run prime 95 for at lease 12 hours, if you bsod you need more voltage. make sure to watch temps
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