My hdd flashes all the time even at idle unless i disable my dvd drive

So as the title says My hdd flashes all the time even at idle,unless i disable my dvd drive and when I am in bios only in those two cases the red light on the front panel of the pc case doesen't flashes constantly all the time,so what is the cause for such behavior and is there any other workaround except disabling my dvd drive
Thanks in advance.
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    That's Windows. Ever since Windows 95, Windows periodically tests the optical drive to check for a disk insertion. It's for Autorun. Back before Windows XP, it was possible to stop this behavior by disabling Autorun, but that quit working starting with XP. There really isn't a way to stop it anymore except unplugging the drive activity light.
  2. Ok man thanks for the quick reply.
  3. You can still disable "Autoinsert notification" and AutoRun in Windows XP.

    Either edit the registry or use TweakUI.
  4. yeah, you can still disable it, but it doesn't change the IDE/SATA polling habit by the OS.
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