MATX mother board for an AMD FX-4100 processor

here is my current build i am making
i want to look into using a MATX board so i can get a smaller case or save some money. i do not know how to pick out a motherboard.

also, any suggestions on the build would be appreciated.
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  1. What is your budget EricM88?
  2. Azrael47 said:

    thanks for replying. does this motherboard have usb 3.0? do you think i need 3.0?
  3. Best answer

    This one does. Plus an integrated 7.1 channel sound card. However it on supports 1333Mhz memory, however you will be able to overclock to stock speed of RAM (if higher than 1333Mhz)
  4. what about this one?

    it looks like it has usb 3.0 and supports 1600 mHz RAM and is a micro board. would this board work?
  5. Yes that is fine.
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