New computer build I have a few questions hopefully you could answer them

Hey guys I plan on doing a build and I was wondering what do you guys think about it and I'm stuck on a few parts, planning on buying it tonight so help please and mainly going to be using it for gaming not much more other than casual use.

CPU: I'm going with Haswell unless you guys recommend Ivy Bridge



PSU: unless you guys recommend another power supply, don't know if I should go with corsair or seasonic.



Motherboard: Okay here are the questions mainly, I'm not sure which motherboard to go with and I've come down to 3 options.

Thank you guys I'm relatively new to this and hopefully you guys could help, thank you so much.
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    it would have been smarter of you to use pcpartpicker to load up a partslist instead of copying a bunch of URLs. instantly people are deterred from answering you due to the fact that no one wants to click 9 urls

    as for the entire build, get this
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