New computer build I have a few questions hopefully you could answer them

Hey guys I plan on doing a build and I was wondering what do you guys think about it and I'm stuck on a few parts, planning on buying it tonight so help please and mainly going to be using it for gaming not much more other than casual use.

CPU: I'm going with Haswell unless you guys recommend Ivy Bridge



PSU: unless you guys recommend another power supply, don't know if I should go with corsair or seasonic.



Motherboard: Okay here are the questions mainly, I'm not sure which motherboard to go with and I've come down to 3 options.

Thank you guys I'm relatively new to this and hopefully you guys could help, thank you so much.
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  1. Are you overclocking?
    For the motherboard, this is what I would recommend:
    It's not over-priced and has everything you'll need for overclocking.

    The RAM is expensive. You can get the exact same RAM in a different color at a much cheaper price:
    Or you can opt for low-profile RAM so you can fit in a huge cpu cooler like the Noctua NH-D14:

    This psu is about the same price and allows for SLI:

    Higher clocked gpu with better cooling, IMHO:

    Case is expensive and you don't really need a full tower. Do you have a requirement for a case (i.e. LED fans, side panel window, quiet, etc.)? This will help us recommend a cheaper case that still provides great airflow.
  2. Your build is looking pretty fine. The 3570K from Ivy Bridge is still a champ, but so is the CPU you picked out. Those are all some quality vendors too. I think any of those motherboards would work just fine. If you want to OC that CPU considerably, i'd use an aftermarket heatsink/fan for it (I've had good experience with a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO for my 2500k @ 4.4GhZ, but there are a lot of good options out there).
  3. I don't have any like requirements on the case I just want it to look nice, which is why I picked the HAF 932 but I'm open to other options
  4. Do you guys think amd cards are better than nvidias? Or?
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    If you plan to crossfire/SLI, then NVIDIA is a better solution because crossfire has tons of problems unlike SLI, which only has a little.

    Case alternatives:

    Corsair 500r:
    Coolermaster Storm Scout 2:
    NZXT Phantom 410:
    Fractal Design Define R4:
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