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Having problems with my 4770K applied Asus z87 Pro 4-way-optimization and it got to 4.6 and then crashed.
Now all it does is keep crashing till i can get into the TPU and move it down to 4.3. I can't get the 4.3 to save , every time i reboot it reverts back to 4.6 and the crash's start again
I tried re-installing AI Suite III from the support page at asus (latest version) but that won't install.
Have to tried to manually adjust it in UAFI but they keep going back to 4.6.
I am at a loose what to do , is there a way to take it back to default IE 3.5
Thanks in advance
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  1. Reset the CMOS, then check and see if you have the latest BIOS, if not update that and check for any newer driver updates
  2. Cheers I managed to get it down to 4.3GHz in the UAFI and not crashing .
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    Great! Glad to hear...can prob close this out then ;)
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