Warcraft 3 Local Area Problems

Me and my brother used to play WC3: FT back a few years and recently have tried playing it again but when one of us creates a game it does not show up on the local area network, we are both connected to the same Internet connection but we still cant see eachothers games. Another problem with my Hosting is that on 80% of all my games I cannot host as it will give me a fatal error, or just kick me into the Local area menu.
Please help,
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    I am a long time WC3 player as well, and the issue here is your firewall.

    Windows firewall, by default, will block WC3 from finding other games via LAN. Make sure that both you and your friend disable your firewalls before trying to connect.

    If you do not feel the need to disable your firewall, you can always add a 'exception' to it. On windows 7, go to Start > Control Panel > System & Security > 'Allow a program through Windows Firewall'.
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