Possibly Overclocking GTX 780

After completely my build the other day, I am now in search for a few frames. And what better way to do that then overclocking. So first, I want to look at my GPU. I have a MSI GTX 780 (stock fan) and its all at base settings. I didn’t buy any overclocked edition. So now to overclocking.
I am using precision X, but can switch to Afterburner if needed and I have been playing around with the settings. I have them all back to default because I wussed out and was scared of harming my hardware.
So a few question.
1. What am I looking for? What would be a successful OC?
2. How do I test if it is stable? (I have MSI kombustor)
3. What sort of things should I change in the bios? If needed
For anyone who can help me out, thanks a bunch!!:)

Also, would overclocking my CPU to 4.3-4.4Ghz have an fps increase? 
I7 4770k 3.5ghz
H100i cooler
ASUS Sabertooth z87
Gtx 780
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    1) success is over current clock setting without smoking it from over volts or too high of temps (that said OCing on a stock cooler is a VERY bad idea - would be different if that was factory OC'd and came with a cooler designed for that. Best to invest in a better cooler for it)
    2)Uniengine Heaven is THE benchmark to use for GPU stress test. Mainly because is stress tests the GPU and CPU and DRAM together to see if EVERYTHING is stable working together.
    3)OCing GPU - DO NOT TOUCH BIOS - everything for GPU OC is in MSI Afterburner or Precision X program.

    Here's a guide on OCing that card with Precision X:

    Ocing a CPU can sometimes help FPS, but only by a bit. This of course will depend on the programs being run as to whether they are CPU or GPU intensive in design. With H100 on there, you can get a mid range OC on your CPU safely (as in 4.0-4.2 max) H100 is not a great cooler for top end OCing, or for Haswell either as it does run hotter than Ivy.
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