Samsung 840 Pro 256GB x 3 in RAID 0 ?

What are your thoughts ?

actually i just want a 768 GB Samsung SSD for +/- €600 with very good speed's and overall responsiveness.


2 x 256 GB = 512 GB for +/- €400


2 x 512 GB = 1024 GB for +/- €800

768 is exactly the amount of storage I need and 1 TB is just to expensive as a Pro

But I am still thinking about possibly taking a 750 EVO drive but don't know if the speed is really satisfying :S
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    The Samsung 840 Evo have a boost function which increase speeds to almost double.,3567.html

    Though you can't go RAID 0, it is more reliable(when in boost, IMO lSSD longevity would decrease.) RAID 0 is faster but at cost of reliability, one drive crash or dead, and your files are gone.

    Anyway, real life speed difference isn't really noticeable unless you are dealing with huge files. OS/Loading Games/Small files won't matter much between an EVO and a RAID 0 config.
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