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Hello all. I'm just wondering how your guys' experience with quad sli 690's has been. How do games run on a 1080p monitor with max settings? Do you hit a vram wall? How is scaling on new games like metro and crysis? thanks! (ps, I know that dual titans is so much better, but I'm just wondering how much more/less performance is, considering one 690 beats a titan 1 v 1)
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  1. 1080p. An OC GTX780 would be the best. 690 and Titan are for bragging rights. The 690 tends to go quite hot while the Titan is good but the performance don't justifies a $350 increased over the 780.

    For your post, I would go with SLI Titan, much better than 4-way SLI, less problems, less heat.
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