Is my graphics card compatible to run another one in it?

Hi, I currently own a Dell Studio XPS 8100 with an Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM that has an MSI n8400gs-md1gd3h graphics card. It is not the stock card it came with, I had to have it replaced because the fan it the old one broke. I'm looking to invest in a new graphics card. My question is, is it better to get a higher end, more expensive one, or get another one that's not quite as high and run two cards? And if so, what is compatible with it? My current card is connected through PCI express, I have another free express slot and two PCI slots available
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    If you want to game the 8400gs doesnt support SLI so you'd need to get the fastest single card you can afford and replace the 8400gs as adding another will not increase performance. A decent gaming card will require a bigger power supply as the XPS 8100 only has a 350w PSU.
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