intel hd 4600 vs amd a10-6800k iGPU

which one is better for games in general? i know dedicated cards are better i have one, but im just curious? i also will get kaveri when that releases pile driver cores and gnc grahpics
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  1. The 6800k easily beats the Intel's 4600 HD graphics. Intel still has a long ways to go to beat AMD's integrated graphics.
  2. No contest, 6800k kicks Intels tail end.
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    Yes, all true. The A10 6800k is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than any intel IGPU has. But you need a high latency ram to utilize the iGPU more. I also have an A10 setup + an 1866mhz 8gb ram. It's very2 fast. I can play games smoothly. Mostly medium settings. :) If you can get 2133mhz ram, go for it.
  4. Ye along with a host of pc,s we own we have 2 trinitys and 1 richland the apu gpu is amazing compared to intels 4600 gpu..... But keep in mind when kaveri comes out it wont fit your fm 2 board its a new socket again. Amd is playing intels socket game now other then the am3+ being one of the longest sockets ever used. 6880 k faster.....
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