HDMI no output for Bios Screen. OK for Windows


When I plug my monitor by HDMI(Actually the Big Tv on the living room)to the pc, I have issue displaying the BIOS Screen and the Starting Windows Page. The display comes back when its time for me to login into Windows. Could it be a resolution issue? The Mobo Splash page comes up and when I press delete, some log is written and I expect it to show the BIOS setup page. But no, its just black. I reset it again showing the Splash page of the mobo and Black screen until I reach the login screen which display normally by then.

The VGA output is broken now actually and I have no DVI capable monitors.

MOBO: Asus P5s MX se

Can someone explain this issue? Thanks
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    Most TV's have problems displaying text resolutions.

    You could try a DVI to HDMI cable, but you may just encounter a different issue.

    If you're using a TV then you don't really need to enter the BIOS anyway, nor would you want 'members of the public' mucking it up.
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