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What happens when you mix the GTX Titan with the GTX 780 and GT 690?

I'm gonna build a PC and i heard when you mix the GPUs you get the lowest amount like since the Titan is 6GB and the 690 is 4GB and the 780 is 3GB you just get the 780 working. and i'm wondering what really happens when you mix GPUs and can you get the all of the GPUs to work together?Sorry for it being to long it's cause i'm a newbie at PC i'm switching to PC cause i looks better than console and no I won't just stay with console .Sorry almost forgot the links:
If someone can help me that will be great.
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    You would get nothing. It wouldn't work. You cannot combine different GPUs in SLI.
  2. 17seconds is correct you can not mix GPU models in SLI mode. You can add another model as just a Physx card but that is about it. I have heard of a hack that does allow it but I have no idea if it works correctly or if it is even current/actively supported.
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