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Hi all. This is my first post and I'm not sure if I put it in the right place.

So I own a Lenovo y580 that originally had 750gb HDD and 64 gb SSD cache. I put my OS on my 64gb SSD and used the 750gb as storage. Just a few minutes ago I booted up my laptop only to hear a clicking sound coming from it. The screen was black and I held my finger on the power button and it turned off but I didn't get that sound that it usually makes when I turn off the computer like this (which I rarely do). I booted up the computer again and heard the clicking noise again for ~10 seconds and then it stopped and the computer booted up. I quickly checked to see if my hard drives were okay and unsurprisingly the 750gb HDD didn't show up. It does not show up in the BIOS either or in computer management... I do not need the files on the hard drive. How do I get my HDD to show up again?

I do have a Memory Express In Store Replacement warranty but was hoping to use that up on something that I can't fix myself. Laptop was on sleep last time I used it and I had just exited a game of Civilization 5.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    A clicking HDD is a sign that it's dead bro.
  2. adimeister said:
    A clicking HDD is a sign that it's dead bro.

    Thing it it's not clicking any more...just like your profile pic i have no clue what I'm doing but would the clicking stop after 10 seconds or would it keep going?
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