How to put the Ubuntu edge over the top

The idea of a phone with full OS on it, my favorite to boot, has a strong appeal. The thing that I believe would put it over the top is if they incorporated an LED projector into it.

No fear of breaking your fragile screen, it could be a sheet of paper or a nearby wall. Sharing the view, piece of cake. No worries about not being able to dock to work.

Mark, if you're listening, you can have this idea free if you simply send a poor, volunteer development worker in Africa, me, one of those phones when they come out.
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    I think stillblue is specifically after an Ubuntu phone with a projector. I thought of the Beam too (probably what gave stillblue the idea). If no such phone comes into existence (and it probably won't since it would combine a rare feature with what will be a very niche OS) then you could try unlock the bootloader on the Galaxy Beam and install Ubuntu yourself.
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