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Need Help Setting Up Sound System

Last response: in Components
August 1, 2013 6:55:43 AM

I am running my sound system off of a Pioneer VSX-D711 by way of SPDIF, which is connected to my sound card (Xonar DG). I do have sound but the problem I am having is that for some reason my sound card control panel will not affect my speakers even though that is where the SPDIF is connected (Although for some reason it will let me choose the sample rate through the sound card control panel). The only thing I can think of is that maybe when SPDIF is in use the volume and equalization aspects are handled through the receiver, but that's just a guess.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated but bear in mind that I'm an amateur.

- Pioneer VSX-D711.
- 2 Cerwin Vega LS12 3 way floorspeakers.
- 1 JBL Studio Series Center.
- Asus Xonar Dg

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Best solution

August 1, 2013 7:08:00 AM

Some sound cards do not control speaker level or equalization when using digital out (SPDIF or Optical)

This is the nature of those types of connections. You adjust speaker level and equalization on your amplifier/audio components instead.

If you want to control these on the PC, which is sometimes better for gaming, you'll need to use the analog out from the soundcard to coax in on the amplifier.

With that sound card, you will have very good signal quality no matter which outputs you use. Just use high quality, gold tipped and shielded cables to ensure the best signal transfer.
August 1, 2013 7:31:35 AM

Alright I have an update, but prepare to be confused. For whatever reason, when I use the "test speaker" function at the sound card's control panel (to the right of the Analog out box) it will let me adjust the volume and what not. Also, on my receiver "96khz" is displayed simultaneously, but as soon as I resume winamp or any music program the receiver switches back to TV/SAT (which is where my spdif is plugged in) and I lose the ability to change anything. You're telling me I could fix this by running a spdif to coaxial? I'm not sure how that would work because I'd still have to have SPDIF enabled on my soundcard.