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I just installed a new GPU on my motherboard that has onboard video from the APU. If I use the HDMI out from the GPU, does all the video come from that, and not the APU? Is it more efficient on the APU, since it may not have to do any graphics processing? Will the APU behave more like a CPU now?

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  1. Yes and yes to both of your question.
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    Great question, in fact if you use the display port on the video card it WILL use the video card MOST of the time. This is where it tends to get a little complicated for some. When the video card is not needed (like when your sitting on the desktop, or watching a youtube video) the APU will kick in and take over, as these are task it is FULLY able to handle. But as soon as you launch a program that requires that extra horsepower, the video card should kick in immediately!

    This is not always 100% the case, you need to make sure you have updated drivers to do so, (tell me your video card and APU and I can give that to you) and sometimes programs don't want to "trigger" the change (it has only happened like 3-5 times in about a year for me) and if it doesn't you will notice the difference in your gameplay, and just restarting your PC fixes the issue. Too look up more on this please refer to this link:

    Also this link will show you how to run your video card and APU in crossfire so you can get a little better performance:
  3. Also, if this is a little confusing feel free to ask more questions and I can give you some more guides to help out.
  4. Jeffery's post is somewhat misleading, desktop apus do not switch graphics like laptops unless running virtu. The link he posted to switchable graphics confirms this by only listing mobile series.
  5. Pull up the CCC on a desktop, you will notice the option for switchable graphics.
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