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My budget for my build excluding peripherals is $1500. I would like an affordable monitor around $200. I would like it to be around the 24 inch range, and atleast 1080p. I will be buying an AMD Radeon HD 7970. Later I will buy more monitors and setup eyefinity. What monitor(s) should i get in my budget that I can later set up eyefinity with?
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    You'd almost want to buy all 3 monitors now. What if in 2 months, the monitor you bought is discontinued and no long sold, then you can't get 3 matching ones and with eyefinity, you want 3 matching ones. Bezels are another problem. Unless you pay big money to get a near zero bezel, it's going to bug the hell out of you while gaming. and even the near zero ones still have a bezel. The game has to support such a large, odd resolution as well.

    I would save up and get the best IPS, 2560x1440 monitor you can instead.
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