Weird graphical glitch

I was just casually watching some clips online when all of a sudden, both my screens flickered black, then went back to the original display, however there were roughly 1cm x 1cm squares of multi coloured fuzziness dotted all over my displays.

During this time I couldn't close or open programs, change programs and the sound from the clips was frozen on the same thing. I quickly restarted my PC, and now it's ok.

It's fairly new, as only bought brand new at the start of this year, so i just want to know if anyone has experienced this before and if this is a GPU related problem or RAM or whatever because it has me slightly worried.

Edit: More info on this, my graphics card was probably at about 40 degrees, and my monitors or also newer than my PC is.
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  1. Nothing to worry if it happened just one time. If it happens from time to time than its a headache.

    For now check your RAM and GPU :
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    could be a driver issue, download driver fusion and the latest graphics drivers.

    uninstall current driver and do not restart.
    run driver fusion cleaner for the brand of card you own.
    install latest driver as a custom install and only install the display and hdmi audio drivers.

    see if this helps.
  3. Thanks for the tips. I did a memtest, both ok. I also noticed that my graphics driver was out of date, so i updated that. If it happens again i will post on here.
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