Laptop Speakers and Headphones only work on "Test Sounds" but nothing else

Pretty much what the title says. If I go into the sound options and test the speakers, the audio works but when I go watch videos and what not, the speakers/headphones don't work at all. I already tried reinstalling drivers which didn't help. Laptop is Acer Aspire V5 with Realtek HD Audio
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    download and install the lastest realtek driver from the realtek website and restart your laptop

    then go into Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Sound
    under the Forth Tab Called "Communications" put the dot into "Do nothing".
    then under the "Sounds" tab change the "Sound Scheme" to "Windows Default" and click apply.
    Next go to the "Playback" tab and make sure your realtek audio is set as your default audio device.
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