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I am trying to make use of a old desktop that is lying around. So I installed XP Pro Service pack 1. Now I want to get internet access so I can update the service pack as well as other drivers and whatnot.

I installed the USB WIFI driver. Windows recognized it. Then it asked which network that I want to connect to. So obviously I chose my home network and put in the password.

It says it is connected and signal is strong. But I do not get internet access. I ran ipconfig and ip is not 192.168.x.x. I went into router settings and I did not see this computer in connected device list.

When I open the network status. It shows 200 sent and 2 recieved. (sent goes up slowly). I also tried to change auto ip to manual by typing in the address in TCP settings but no luck. Can someone help me with this?

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  1. for testing purposes can you disable the wireless security and see if will connect then?
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