What temperatures for i5 3570k are normal for gaming?

I have a 3570k with Hyper 212 EVO that I recently overclocked to 4.2ghz. Running crysis 3 for about 30 minutes yields a max temp of 64C according to CoreTemp. Is this temperature too high? What is the "safe zone" for 3570k at 4.2 while gaming? Thanks
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  1. No those temps are fine and normal!
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    You can run those temps all day gaming and you will be fine.
  3. awesome, thanks for the response!
  4. Your welcome!!!!!!!
  5. wait wait wait SR you didn't ask him what his room temp was , If hes in Alaska,finland,greeland and his room temp is 15* that temp is way to high... lol -joke
  6. He was in an igloo in NOME.
  7. Well after playing Far Cry 3 for two hours my 3570 maxed at 35C ,so I suppose mine is abnormal,but in the best way. No water cooling, I have a Phanteks set up with three fans.
  8. FX8350 \ 5.1GHZ. \ 1.384 VOLTS

    Phanteks PH-TC14PE with Scythe Slipstream 110 CFM fans attached.
  9. ^^ That's the beast, I have the red edition. It's not a cheapy, but it lives up to it's reputation.
  10. Yes I have the Black and Orange versions.
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