5.1 surround not working through a splitter, being sent via HDMI from a ATI 6950


I am sending 5.1 to the HD TV via a HDMI cable which runs through a splitter box that splits off the audio. I get stereo audio into my 5.1 setup but cannot get 5.1. Is there a setting to send 5.1 audio not stereo.
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  1. Are you sure you're sending 5.1 audio to the splitter and that it's fully capable of splitting and retransmitting the full 5.1 audio? By chance could you post what product you're using in case an online manual or specs can be referenced? :-)
  2. Hello thanks for the help, the extractor I am using can be found here

    I did what is described here:

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    Good info. I presume you're running from your computer to the HDMI in on the HDelity box? From there, you should be running either Coax RCA or Optical S/PDIF from one of the two connectors in the middle marked SPDIF. On the other side of the box there appears to be a switch, which I can only guess determines if the audio being output from the HDelity box is going retain 5.1 encoding or be down mixed to 2 channel stereo (not all devices will accept 5.1). Make sure the box is set for 5.1, not stereo.

    Your amplifier is going to need to support the particular 5.1 encoding you are sending to it, either DTS or Dolby.

    Are you sure that you are outputting a 5.1 encoded signal from your computer and that your amplifier supports the particular encoding you are sending?
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