Which DisplayPort adapter?

I am getting the Sapphire Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition, I am going to be doing Eyefinity, but I would liek to knwo what Adapter I should get for it? weather to get the Sapphire one wto go with the card or a better one?

can you recommend better or others?

Budget 40GBP
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  1. you need an active mini displayport to whatever connector you want to use, it has to be an active adapter otherwise the monitor will not work.
  2. Could you recommend one?

    and what makes it active?
  3. active means that the adpater converts the display port signal to the signal of the output you want.

    with a passive adapter the signal is passed through the displayport port for the connector you want to use so no conversion is happening (card may only have one dvi or a hdmi connector but lots of display port connecters).

    on AMD cards only two legacy connections are supported (VGA/HDMI/DVI) so you need an active displayport adapter for a non displayport monitor

    i cant really reccomend one but they are all around £20

    something like this should be fine
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    mushibu09 said:
    and what makes it active?

    What makes something "active" is the presence of some sort of chip to perform a necessary function integrated in the cable/adapter.

    The signaling on DisplayPort is different from DVI/HDMI so a transceiver chip is required to "translate" DisplayPort signaling and format into DVI/HDMI.
  5. Thank you all been a massive help.
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