Black screen problem Gygabite Radeon HD 7750 Oc edition (GV-R775OC-1GI)

Hy everyone ! 2 days ago i just received an GIgabYte Radeon 1GB GDDR5 OC Edition and i am experiencing an odd situation .The card is factory overclocked from 800 Mhz(default) to 880 mhz(factory overclocked) i had instaled the 12.9 ati Catalyst driver(i've heard they're software is crap but oh well) My problems 1).In any game(well i asume in any game but i only player 4 games from 2 days ago since now (Mafia 2,Metro Last Light,The Settlers 6 and 7 and tried COH 2 but only for a few minutes to see how it behaves) well lets just say it moves impecable no lag no loss of frame rates at high and very high but from time to time it may be lets just say it can be totaly random one 2,5,10.30. minutes or even hours( the hour thing i think it is because i underclocked it from 880 to 850 mhz but i am not sure) i gives a random blackscreen for about 1-2 seconds.And yes i've read a billion articles since the first time it appeared about ati radeon and black screen but everyone and i mean everyone that had the black screen problem was also experiencing lets say a blackcreen that always present but the computer would be just "staying alive" and not restarting itself or forced restarted by the user ,a Blackscreen and a crash,or driver has stopped working and recovered or buzzing noise or anything like that but...not me!! i have not found a single tread that has my problem whatsoever.My problem is a random black screen about 1-2 seconds and the screen goes black and comes back 'life" without ANY problem whatsoever,no buzzing sound no errors no drop in frame rates no higher temperatures and i just play as long as i want without any of those problems( I am using GPU-Z and Speedfan and HW monitor to monitor my temperatures,loads and fan speeds.My gpu temps in idle is 29-30 degrees Celsius all the time and in full load ( Metro last light with everything on very high(excepting Advanced Physix because ati cards does not have that technology) it rarely(or never) goes higher than 50 C so whats the problem ? And dont take me with what psu do you have or that shit because i had before an Nvidia 9800 gt that has eaten 125 watts or so compared with 55 TDP and has never had an issue with that.
Well ..My rig is as it sounds:
Intel I5 3470 3.2 Ghz(aftermarket fan dont ask me because i dont know its brand name but it does a prety good job since at idle is 30 C and under full load doesn't go higher that 37-38 degrees with an ambience temp of 25-27 C
Asus Motherboard p8B87-m lx plus
1 TB WDC hard drive 5400 rpm
1 DVD-rw that i rarely use
Gigabyte Radeon HD 7750 OC edition
4 gb or ram (2 stiks) Kingston hyperx blu 1600 MHZ but i just left it as my bios has put it at 1333 MHZ but safety issues because some people say that 1.65V at 1600 mhz its no good with intel 15 or I3 that has to be on 1.5 v oh well
No other additional cards or fans
Yes....i know i have an lx-8500 btx psu i know it is extremely crapy but has done its job without any problem and i know radeon 7750 doesnt consumes as much as my older nvidia 9800 gt (55<125w)
My main question is :
It is a very small downback the random blackscreen and i don't see it as an major problem or doesn't interfere with my gaming perfomance(since it does not crash or buzzing or overheating or anything) i was wondering if this thing is the maximum maximorum thing that it can happen meaning i can live with this a loong time but i do not want to become more of a problem( crash,buzzing) etc so what do you guys think ?

The other problem is that when i was playing lets say 3-5 hours my fan starts to make a crappy noise like when those very old harddrives that were trying to copy or install something(but i use fanspeed to adjust my fan speed from 39% to lets say 70 % where it does to do any sound and it is not loud at all) al 45-65 % i hear that sound

So what do you think and sorry for the long novel :D Thank you

And no! i do not have any problem with my monitor or my Whatchamacallit video cable because they are brand new.
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  1. You will probably see driver errors/recovery if you check your Windows event logs. Most likely, this problem can be alleviated by going to AMD's web site and downloading the latest drivers. The 13.8 Beta is out now, so get the one before that (you'd think 13.7, but it may be 13.6).
    Download the new drivers, then delete the old ones completely. Reboot, then install the new ones.
  2. And i get an whizzing noise when i play Settlers 6 only on main menu and/or options tab when i go into the game or campaign menu it stops ... ?
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    That could be coil whine. It can be annoying, and may indicate a [minor] quality issue, but isn't necessarily an outright defect. From everything you've described though, if replacing the drivers doesn't help, the card may well be defective. It happens; just RMA it.
  4. Thanks for the support guys but..i've found the issue and i am sorry i wasn't trully sincere when i told you that i have a brand new monitor....its an old 2005 View star...i just couldn't thought that my monitor was the problem....i borowed my fathers Benq monitor and playing Mafia 2 for 50-60 minutes and no blackscreen ....with my old one i get somewhere to 15-20 1-2 sec blackscreens in an hour playing the same ..only me thinks my monitor is dying ? :)) there is no driver or video card issue afterall thanks guys for the support but...i am convinced that the monitor is faulty.Cheers

    And yeah...lets just say my monitor "dies" before i could buy a new one.....will that thing or staying with this one until i buy a new one afect my... hardware ?(GPU-especially) ?
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