Asus GTX 670 overclocking issue

First of all, sorry for my bad english, I`m brazilian.
Recently I got a GTX 670 dc2 (non TOP) from Asus and I decided to overclock it, but my core clock doesnt go higher than +110Mhz (1090Mhz) and when I go to the forums, I see some guys getting it above 1200Mhz. My temps don`t go beyond 60ºC... What should I do?

i5 3570k
16GB (2x8GB) @ 1600Mhz
CM 690 II Advanced
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  1. increase the power target to the highest it can go. increase the voltage to the highest. mileage may vary but you should see some level of improvment.

    the ones that are on forums tend to be the discontinued top edition
  2. Well, I won`t be touching on the voltage ;) but what exactly do I get when increasing the power target? And messing up with the power target can damage my card as much as it would be with the voltage?? I don`t want to go too much further, just being at the same level as a 680 or even a little bit higher is enough for me. Thanks for the reply :)
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    moving the power target increases the tdp allowed for the card meaning the card is allowed to draw more power for the overclock

    your card runs at 1v at default. turning it up to the 1.175v will help with the overclock. 1.175v is well under the safe limit. if it was removed, you can go way higher than 1300mhz
  4. Sorry about asking this again, but 1.175v can potentially damage my card? And don`t you think that maybe 1.135v will be enough for me??? Thanks again for the reply :D
  5. 1.175v is a VERY conservative voltage. nvidia purposely put a limit to lower your overclocking results

    1.135v is nothing
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