Need a CPU cooling system to Bring down core temps.


I am a new member to the forums and I am seeking knowledge. I bought an i5 4670k Haswell and a MSI z87-g45 gaming board and I want to replace my stock cooling system. Basically would like to know if the pre-made water cooling systems made by corsair or cooling master are good systems. I believe I have seen a few for 60-100 dollars. I do A LOT of gaming and will be running dual MSI gtx 760 twin frozr GPU's. I have an Antec 1100 gaming case and would like to also know if the systems would fit with out issues. Currently, my cpu temp runs anywhere from 45-50 degrees celsius at idle. when I first put together the system the idle temps were
5-7 degrees cooler if that red flags anything? I would not like to exceed $100 for a cooling system. Please ask any questions or leave any suggestions/comments. I also am looking to OC in the future, experiment safely with low voltage increases etc. I am not very knowledgeable in the over clocking area's so possibly that would be a large contributing factor to the cooling system selection?

Thank you Community
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  1. since you are running 2 twin frozr cards (they vent heat inside the case) your best bet is the premade watercooling solution, since they are not effected by the temp inside your case.

    I have experience with the corsair series, and they are great. I recommend the h100i or if you cant fit that, get the h80i.

    Edit: sorry didn't read your case. Only the h80i will fit.
  2. Thanks for your answers. On average what temp decreases should I see with the corsair h80i?
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    I recommend you get the H80 liquid cooler. it performs very well, looks nice, takes up less space than big air coolers and most importantly wil allow you to overclock more if you ever wish to do so.

    Get the Hydro series-

    Double thick 120mm radiator for increased cooling and compatibility
    Integrated Corsair Link™ functionality allows you to adjust fan speed profiles and lighting, and monitor coolant temp via the free Corsair Link Dashboard software download.
    Two SP120L High Performance fans optimize static pressure at a reduced noise level for amazing performance.
    Large-diameter, low permeability tubing ensures long life and improves flexibility for an easier installation
  4. Thank you soo much guys, I am now greatly considering the Corsair h80i. Also, does any one know of a possible link to a guide for installing and routing/mounting a corsair h80i into my Antec 1100. I am have trouble finding any guides on this topic, perhaps the antec 1100 is not the best case for water cooling, but totally possible?
  5. This is how to install the H80 (Could not find a specific video regarding your Antec)
  6. u_gonna_squeal_b4_we_cookya said:
    brooTool said:
    Thanks for your answers. On average what temp decreases should I see with the corsair h80i?

    Check out this review:

    With a chart on temps:

    and sound:

    The temp chart does not use an actual CPU, but puts a die under an 85w (and 150w) load and measures the difference in degrees over ambient temp.

    Mounting and install guide:

    Thats the H80, he is getting the H80i
  7. Yeah, really would like to get the h80i with the new fans and software :)
  8. Not to bothered about the software its just this one is newer (2013) and better from the reasons I listed above.
  9. The H80 has the older tubing design, and different water block material, the H80 is the newer version with the thicker tubing and different style water block.


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