How Much is My PC worth?

Hey everyone i was wondering if anyone here could give me a rough estimate of what my old gaming pc is worth


Gigabyte EP43DS3L LGA775 Motherobard
Intel Pentium E5200 2.5Ghz Dual core Processor
Nvidia GTX 260 Black edition
4GB Cosair XMS DDR2 Ram
Creative inspire T600 Series speakers
not sure on the PSU its 500W or above though
and also a 23" Syncmanster 2232BW monitor

Windows & installed but have lost all the information for that

all inside a scan infinti case

all abit old and frale these days it all works fine apart from sometimes the motherboard seems to not want to work with my keyboard its only one of the usb slots though the rest are fine

thanks for the info guys
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    Gigabyte EP24DS3l LGA775 Motherobard --- No return
    Intel Pentium E250 Dual core Processor ---- No return
    Nvidia GTX 260 Black edition---- $50-$60
    4GB Cosair XMS DDR2 Ram maybe $15-$20
    Creative inspire T600 Series speakers --- no return N/A need more info
    not sure on the PSU its 500W or above though --- need mroe info
    and also a 22" or 25" Syncmanster 2232BW monitor --- $50-$60

    You should be able to ask about $100 for it
  2. not a bad price considering its 7 years old -_- the speakers are t6100 series seed em around for £10-25 would much more worth it splitting it up i guess,
  3. I only said you could ask for $100. Shipping will be $20-$40 which comes off your bottom line. The speakers don't have much sell-thru. 1 user attempted to sell his set for $20.00 in the last 90 days on eBay and nobody bit on them....
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