Sleep and shutdown problems. (GPU possible cause)

Moved tread.

Shutting down shows 'windows is shutting down' then turns off the screen. However all fans remain on and i can even open the CD drive.
Same issue with sleep. LED light starts to flash but systems remains functional.
Both require power cycle to function again.

I'v found the following so fair.
-That SSD can cause problems with 'Check ready bit' and 'ACPI HPET table', though disabling them makes no difference.
-Disabling Suspend to RAM lets me wake the system instead of forcing a reboot, but the system is still functional.
-I believe it might be the GPU as i dont recall these problems before installing it. Any reason why this might be?

Any help would be appreciated.
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    It's a bios bug,happens a lot on asus mb. The fix is easy. Drain power from the mb. Clear the CMOS then update it. With mb with backup bios run the bios update twice.
  2. Sounds like your Hibernating. Sleep is working correct, like real sleep your not 'dead' so if someone poked you (moved the mouse) you would wake right up (as the computer does). If your stuck in a 'load' of Hibernation (which most people don't realize) usually "require power cycle to function again" seems to be the solution.

    Now is this a laptop or desktop? My suggestion would be to click (in Win7) the power icon in the bottom right select More Power Options. Click the Additional Plans and select High Performance. Then on the left click Choose what the power buttons do, and set them appropriately to your needs. Then click OK and then click on the left Change when the computer sleeps. Again modify to your preferences.

    Now on the SSD, you do have a second HDD drive correct? Depending on the type of SSD, if it is the older (read cheaper) models, they had a shorter read / write life then HDDs. So someone sets to defaults and everything is on the SDD, then starts downloading movies, playing BF3 with all the options, etc. and runs GBs daily of read/ writes wearing down the SSD quickly.

    I would highly suggest you make sure all small programs, your profile (my docs, vids, etc.), and in the Preference settings of all programs for LOG files and such be set to the HDD and only keep Windows itself and any large programs (like Adobe DreamWeaver, CAD, etc.) on the SSD only. All temp / log / cache files should be on your HDD. Also absolutely make sure your SWAP FILE is set to 0 or that will kill the SDD too.
  3. i have a ssd only, so i have disabled hibernation as it was taking up a lot of space lol.

    I have a new cooler coming soon, will try the bios update when it gets here. Though i believe it was working fine before i installed the GPU, not 100% that is the sole course though.

    Is the CMOS the bios battery? If so i do recall remove it once, cant remember what for. Could that be the cause of the problems?

    Thx for replys.
  4. smorizio said:
    It's a bios bug,happens a lot on asus mb. The fix is easy. Drain power from the mb. Clear the CMOS then update it. With mb with backup bios run the bios update twice.

    Haha, solution! Thankyou very much!
    This also solved a problem i didn't know i had. Saving & Exitting bios used to take about 30s, bit annoying but though thats just how it is. Now its instant.

    Thanks, solve lot of aggravation.
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