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Hello first of all I couldn't build the entire pc on pcpartpicker because they don't have my Mobo or CPU's. I'm building this PC because I do alot of gaming, and 3D subsurface modeling. This is my second build, but first time with dual processors.
I really have no intent of overclocking and if I did it wouldn't be extreme. Any suggestions would be great. I'd like to keep it air cooled if possible. I thing my biggest worry is if the powersupply is enough and if anyone has any comments or advise as far as the X5650's or SR-2 board. Thanks

Mobo: EVGA SR-2 Classified
CPU's: Intel Xeon DP X5850
CPU Coolers: Prolimatech Megahalem
Powersupply: SILVERSTONE ST1500 1500W (I think its powerful enough)
Hard Drive (Main):Samsung 840 Pro Series 256 GB SATA 6GB/s Solid State
Hard Drive 2: WD Cavier Black 7200rpm 2TB
Video Card:EVGA GeForce GTX TITAN SuperClocked
Memory: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 24GB (6 x 4) DDR3 1333MHz
Case: Rosewill Gaming Super Tower Blackhawk Ultra (fits SR-2)



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  1. i would repalce the titan with an overclocked 780 or sli two for the price.

    unless you will be doing gpgpu the titan over the 780 for gaming is not a massive gap in performance for the price.
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    Totally agree with Mauller07, unless gpgpu is a major factor, Id ditch the Titan and get two 780s, the difference in performance in most games will be massive compared to one Titan , the SILVERSTONE ST1500 should easily handle your component selection and you mentioned your not bothered about OCing so doubt you will max it out anytime soon if ever. With that psu and motherboard you could add up to four GTX 780s if you wish..
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