Humble Bundle Deep Silver: how much did u pay?

I payed 1 dollar and got 4 games am i un-humble? I also choose to give the money to deep silver instead of the red cross.
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  1. Humble bundle in general because they have really good freaking deals. If they have a game I want, I give 5.00 or more and spread it out to the game and charity.

    Jose, give what you can afford.

    Happy bundling, the Prisoner.
  2. I paid $5 to get dead island and split it between charity and humble. I didn't want to pay the developer as this bundle takes away from the indie developers that need the humble support.
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    I usually pay 10-15 bucks for the bundles depending on what games they have in them and how many I already own. I haven't bought this one because I have a crap computer and can't play them.
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