I5 4770k VS FX 8350

So i am building a budget rig (specs below suggestions are greatly appreciated) and want to do some video editing and i know the i7 4770k will be better but i want to keep the price below 1000$ so that being said i know the 15 4670k is better for gaming but i want to know if it will serve me well when i video edit i know i will not be able to do animation or have better rendering times but i just want to do some video editing and if the FX 8350 is better for video editing and i wont lose massive fps i would go with that so which CPU is better?

I5 4670k
Radeon 7870 Gigabyte edition
2x4 8 GB ram Gskill
Rosewill Challenger Mid tower Computer case
Corsair Builder Series CX 600 Watt
1 TB Caviar black Western Digital Hdd
Lite on dvd burner
Windows 7 Home Premium
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  1. Plug your CPU choices in here for comparisons of several programs and apps.
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    Honestly the 8350 is a great processor. Very versatile, but not quite as powerful as intel cpus. Where the 8350 wins is in a price vs performance comparison when taking into account multi threaded taskes (video editting is one). The i5 will be able to handle video editing fine, but it will take longer to encode and render the video. The i5 will perform better in games but only by a few fps at stock speeds. The 8350 can hold its own in a lot of games, there are very few games out there that will drop it to less than 60 fps. But it lags way behind the i5 in some games (Skyrim, Arma, Starcraft). Check out the benchmarks of the games that are most important to you.

    The 8350 does do better than the i5 away in heavy multitasking. If you plan on recording or streaming game footage, you may want to consider the 8350 for it. The 8350 is a bit cheaper and you can get away with spending a bit less on the motherboard too.

    If you don't plan on overclocking, then get the non-k version of the i5 to save a bit of money. If you do want to overclock or think you might later on, go with the 3570k. It overclocks better due to less heat.

    In the end it is your decision and you need to weigh how much a few extra fps will really help (quite a few in select titles), vs better multitasking performance and faster video encoding/rendering etc.
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