Cloning a HDD

if i were to clone a harddrive, does that mean i could potentially get two operating systems? I'm building a computer so could i use he cloned harddrive?

thanks in advance
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    Technically, yes. But if you try to use the cloned HDD in a totally different machine, chances are it would not work well... if at all. Windows needs to install itself based on the components it sees on the MB and in the system.

    Not to mention the fact it is illegal to use an OEM license on a different machine than it was originally installed on.
  2. oh ok thanks. i as just wondering. I have a cd fow Windows 7 Ultimate but its a 32 bit version. is there anyway that during the install i can make it 64 bit or no?
  3. If it didn't come with both 32 bit and 64 but DVDs, nope.
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