trying to figure out why my pc lags

For the past few weeks my computer has been lagging. Just moving my mouse around the desktop makes it lag. Games, videos, music etc lags. I thought it was a bad video driver so i installed an old driver but still lags. I tried a clean boot & stills lags. I thought it might be my internet but I unplug the modem & it still lags. I have a new hard drive & new video card everything else is roughly 7 yrs old. So i'm thinking maybe it's the motherboard or some other hardware going bad. My spec are windows 7 professional, intel core 2 quadq8300 @ 2.5oghz, 3.50 gb ram, gigabyte geoforce gtx660 with driver 314.22. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
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  1. Check the NVIDIA Control Panel for the limit on frames to render ahead.
    If it is not set to 2 or 3 then set it to 2 or 3.

    Some 'optimizing applications' set the value to above 8; which is just stupid.

    If you can't find the value just google for it, it's not that uncommon to see.
  2. it was set to use 3d application setting and I changed it to 2 & 3 but it stills does it.
  3. Reset them all to default.
    What other software has been installed recently?
  4. other then games nothing really
  5. so just to update I replaced the new video card with my old 1 and it still has lag
  6. omg this is so annoying every time I think I fix it. it works for 5 to 10 mins then right back to lag
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    so I re installed windows 7 and while installing my programs back I noticed that AVG anitvirus was causing it to lag So i removed it & so far it running good again
  8. so after all that now it started doing it again. wtf
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