Will these componets work on this motherboard?

So i was doing some research and i heard that my motherboard was to weak for my CPU in addition my GPU is a 3.0 X 16 so i don't know if the GPU is backwards compatible so can you please tell me if they are ok.

FX 8350
Radeon 7870 Gigabyte edition
2x4 8 GB ram Gskill
Rosewill Challenger Mid tower Computer case
Corsair Builder Series CX 600 Watt
1 TB Caviar black Western Digital Hdd
Lite on dvd burner
Windows 7 Home Premium
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    PCI-E is backwards compatible. the number after pci-e just tells revision number, which sets maximum data transfer speeds. no gpu can really dilute PCI 2.0 at 16x speed as of yet. a 970 is a standard generally single card motherboard for AM3+(can be dual for AMD based systems, 970's are generally 16x/4x lanes). 990's are the step up
  2. Usually when they do the vX.1 updates on the PCI Express x16 interface the motherboard can provide +10 to +15 more watts to the card without auxiliary power.

    But yeah, since no-one is buying PCI Express v1.0 boards it's almost never a problem.
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