Nvidia GT240 GPU Flickering on and off for sometime,later works fine,whats wrong?

hi there,im using a Nvidia GT240 from past 10 months,and cleaned it lately and reapplied thermal paste and the temperatures are normal and can play high graphics games at same temp as before,

but one problem has arisen,
when i turn off my PC at night and the next morning i turn it on,it starts and the screen starts to flicker,like on for 2 seconds and off for 10 seconds,this happens like for 15 minutes or more,and gradually,it stabilizes and work like butter and smooth..

but why does this happen?

i think the problem would be some damaged capacitor on the GPU,which takes some time to fully charge,so this flickering game remains till the capacitor is fully charged,after it is charged,it works finely

and i am typing this question from the same PC,the flickering is gone now,but will be back if i turn of the PC for a while...can any one tell me what would be the reason? also it has warranty period left ...
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    If you have a second monitor laying around try testing with that to see if the problem occurs on that monitor as well. This is just to rule out that it isn't a monitor problem. I had flickering on an old 5770 before and it turned out to be a monitor related problem.

    Secondly, flickering could be a sign of artifacts, however, it is strange that the problem only remains after your turn on the PC. If you've ruled out the monitor issue and the problem persists I would recommend getting an RMA as flickering can cause eye damage.
  2. yes,i have to do that,i had my LCD monitor repaired once for the same issue and the second time it happene,the samsung guy replaced the whole video controller part of the monitor,may be i should check and see,if the problem is with the monitor,next time the same persists ,i will test and let you know what the result is,thank you for the suggestion :)
  3. well,tested it,but it is surely the graphics card problem,used the monitor plugging it to my laptop,and there was not one problem with it,it worked fine,and also plugged the display to the other built in VGA port of the desktop,it worked fine,but when i plug it to the gt240 VGA port,the flickering starts,and for like 15- 20 minutes,it goes on -off-on-off.... then it stops,dont know whats the problem,any help would would be great ,thank you
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