MSI Z77A G43 / ZH77A G43...I'm confused !

So I want to know whats the difference between these two motherboards because I'm getting one of them. THere's literraly no price difference.
So why pick one over the other.
Plz as much detail you can give me will be nice.

Parts going with the motherboard.
-Intel i5 3570 Cpu
-Corsair CX600 Psu
-Antec One Case
-Patriot Intel Extreme Master Limited Edition 1866 (2x4) GB Ram
-Western Digital Caviar Blue 1 TB 7200 RPM Hard Drive
-Nvidia GTX 760 2GB Gpu

Which mobo is better and why ?
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  1. Different chipsets Z77 vs H77.

    You want the MSI Z77A G43.
    It supports your memory at 1866 speeds, and you can easily overclock your processor if you get the 3570K.
  2. I''m not planning on overclocking which is why I didn't get the i5 3570k.
    Your saying the ZH77A doesnt support that ram ?
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    I will probably support your RAM either way. But they at least mention that speed on their page for the Z77A-G43, which makes it official.

    The boards are identical with the exception of the chipsets. Z77 does exactly what H77 does, but it also adds nice support for overclocking.
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