My two motherboard fried when I am using Windows 8. Is this really not a crap ?

Last year I bought a motherboard Gigabyte g41. its' work fine. It's work fine and when I upgrade to windows 8 one day he fried.

In march I bought a g61 MB from gigabyte again. I see windows 8 icon on this. I have also got it fried now.

So my question is when I use Windows 7 it's work fine. But how Windows 8 fried my motherboard.

Is Windows 8 is anything better or I just start windows 7 because it's not make me panic a lot as when I am on Windows 8.

somebody guide me what thing make my MB failed.
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    It's not going to be windows that is causing your motherboard to die. If it just happens randomly, then your power supply unit (PSU) is a good place to start. What are your PC specs, including PSU?
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