ATI HDMI Output Not plugged in -HELP-

Ive just completely restarted my pc and the HDMI audio output is not working now...
i have used the same setup before and it has worked fine although the previous time i used it im sure i had the same problem but somehow resolved it... and i cannot remember how for the life of me...

so im using the AMD Radeon HD 7700 series graphics card and a LG Tv for a screen the picture is perfect although the is no sound...

when i go into the sound menu this is what it looks like it says that the Realtek HDMI audio output is not plugged in when it is :l (ATI HDMI audio output)

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  1. nevermind fixed it :) installed amd catalyst
  2. bagheadbaby said:
    nevermind fixed it :) installed amd catalyst

    could you be more specific? I have the same problem. Why would you need to modify the installation when it was working properly before?
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