Gaming fps drop causing lag..gpu voltage drop

I am having this problem In almost all games ....I notice that while watching movies my gpu voltage is 1.075v all time ..and when I start a game it is 1.075v but after few minutes it drop to 1.062 v and remain constant my psu insuffiecient this lag caused by lower voltage ..

I have gtx 650 ti gpu and fx 6100 and 8 gb ddr3
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  1. It could be the case but We can't tell you until you give us the specifics on you PSU first.
  2. could be a driver issue, grab driver fusion and the latest nvidia drivers.

    uninstall current driver and dont restart.
    run driver fusion nvidia driver cleaner.
    install latest nvidia driver as custom and only install display and hdmi driver.

    see if this helps first
  3. Cooler master psu 500 w with 18 amp on 12 v rail......I tried everything installing new driver , new windows , cleaned temp files , etc etc but nothing work ,,,,why gpu drops from 1.075 to 1.062 and remain constant in games only but while watching movies it remain constant at 1.075 v ....fps in game suddenly drop from 60 to 24 and again jump back to 60"""""""most during gunfights , graphic intensive scene ...etc causes a huge lag .....

    I have been looking for solution since last 8 weeks ...but no luck ......
  4. I bought new motherboard , processor ,ram and gpu ..but I didn't bought new hdd and psu.. I used my old one ie 4 years old ...
  5. did you use my method of cleaning the drivers before installing new ones, it is completely different to just uninstalling them.
  6. Ya I did that too using driver fusion ...
  7. if another psu or pcie power connector does not change it then the card is most likely faulty.

    from what i have read and experience with friends the 650 series of cards and the ti models are not greatly reliable.
  8. I had rma my card thrice ......there is cable that came with card having two rectangle 3 pin connecting to one 6 pin converter should I try that ...but I don't know where to connect those two 3 pin ...please see the image.
  9. could be that your psu can no longer supply the needed power and you need a new psu, were your other cards that you RMA doing the same thing?
  10. They tested my card was working fine ..........but is it normal for voltage to go down to 1.062 from 1.075 while gaming
  11. Best answer
    no the card should now clock down and undervolt itself unless it is overheating which you said it is not.

    i am thinking it is most likely your psu.
  12. It is not overheating temp are 55-60 or max 69
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